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Unique Accommodations include Boutique Hotels, Villas and Private Homes

The Hotel Snob
Our owner is a hotel snob. It was a phrase that was applied to his never-ending desire to find unique hotels that are quality, distinctive and well-positioned that got him the label. Today, Story Land & Sea® features a variety of boutique hotels in Deluxe, Superior First-Class and First Class properties.

The Story Hotel: Boutique with Options
Our Deluxe hotels will be just that: deluxe 4 and 5 star accommodations personally inspected by said hotel snob. Who might you ask is our resident hotel snob and owner? Mr. Mark Story, avid travel expert and small group travel aficionado. Mark believes firmly in providing world-class hotels for those who want them, and should you not care that much about where you lay your head, we offer our classic budget 3- and 4-Star properties.

Location, Location, Location
The historic center of towns is our target and we aim very carefully to position our small tour groups in these great locations. From Venice's Piazza San Marco to London's Trafalgar Square, our hotel locations are the envy of the mainstream tour industry.

Service with a Smile
Mark says customer service is job #1 for our enterprise and finding hotels with staff that buy into this service approach is key to our continued success. Small Group Touring allows Story to find unique hotels and accommodations that truly deliver both on style, quality, position and service.