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Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart has been traveling internationally since 1988, when he made his first visit to Scotland. He fell in love with the people and culture of the United Kingdom, and has loved traveling ever since!

Scott has worked for Story Land & Sea® for over seven years now. When not traveling, he performs various duties from communications, marketing, customer service, and sales support. He has also been a fixture at the company’s annual holiday gathering, performing as Master of Ceremonies, where his roasts of fellow colleagues are legendary.

Scott is a firm believer that travel is one of the best things anyone could ever do to change their entire outlook on life. It’s one of the few things within our control that can truly be life-changing, by giving us a new view of the outside world, as well as our own surroundings. In his opinion, wherever we go, there is something we bring back with us that makes our daily lives that much more enriched.

For 2018, Scott looks forward to serving as a Tour Captain for Story, and helping open the eyes of those who have not traveled before. He looks forward to serving Story guests by helping them have the journey of a lifetime, with stories and experiences to take home that will give again and again.

Outside of Story Land & Sea®, Scott has a passion for acting and performing in front of the camera. He aspires to be a successful actor of film and television, as well as radio broadcaster.

He currently splits his time between Denver and Los Angeles.