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Janet KucksJanet Kucks

Janet found her passion for travel during college and has been exploring ever since. After visiting most of Western Europe, Scandinavia, some of the Caribbean and the USA, she was awestruck with Italy on her first visit in 1998. Since then, she has returned many times to spend time in each region: Venice, Lake Como, the Cinque Terre, Sicily, Amalfi, Tuscany, Le Marche, and Chianti. She pulled herself away to tour in Australia/New Zealand, Bali, Peru, Buenos Aires, and Uruguay, and continues to seek new locales, yet yearning to return to her favorites in Italy.

Janet was born and grew up in New Jersey, where she graduated from The College of New Jersey. Now living near the Denver headquarters, Janet is enjoying the mountains and beautiful sunshine in the foothills of the Rockies. After many successful years in the corporate world working in logistics and customer relations, her passion for travel got the best of her, and she completed her certification at the International Guide Academy. Leading tours at Story Land & Sea ® is the perfect match for sharing her love of travel with guests who love to absorb the culture and enjoy a well-paced tour, with time to relax and explore. Janet also loves to watercolor paint and is a registered yoga teacher.

Janet has been traveling since her college days, and especially fell in love with Italy on her first visit there in 1998!