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Caron GuilloDenise Hatch

I grew up watching Dad travel to work, and it was thrilling getting the little shampoos and match books that he brought home. Naturally, I wanted to do the same!  A career in IT lead me to the road.  Finding my way in a strange city, in the days before Mapquest, Waze and Google... was a weekly task, and I loved the adventure!  I took a break to focus on family, and pursue more interesting passions.  A comical, list of talents has resulted.  I picked up certifications in French/Italian Culinary Food/Wine Pairing, Sommelier, Water Fitness Instruction, and Certified International Tour Management.  Added to a prior collection of hobbies in arts/crafts, polynesian dance, canoeing, sailing, SUP and scuba, means I am rarely bored!  As I visit new countries, I find even MORE hobbies!

Even though I live in Colorado, I always seem to find myself somewhere around water and I will race you to get my toes in the sand!

My passion is collecting experiences, and sharing them with friends.  For me, nothing is as rewarding as watching the joy in the faces of people as they experience a place they’ve longed to see!  I look forward to seeing that joy on your face and helping you collect adventures!