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David Douglas David Douglas

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David has worked as a Tour Captain with Story Land & Sea ®, now Story Land & Sea®, for over six years. He is also instrumental in the technology development of the company's internal systems making everyone's lives just a little better. He is often referred to as "MacGoogle," where as his ability to leverage technology to serve the company is quite astonishing.

David has served as a Tour Captain throughout the entire Story Land & Sea® portfolio of destinations including all through Italy on too many tours to count, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and others.

David is an avid golfer and also enjoys dancing, hiking, biking and volleyball. "I hope to live on the beach one day — that is where I would like to end up!"

David is from Headland, Alabama and attended Troy State University where he pursued his MBA. Then in November 1997, "a friend of mine suggested I should move to Denver, Colorado. So I packed up and moved to Denver in January 1998." I have worked in real estate, traveled extensively and built houses for those in need in Mexico. In 2006 and 2007, David traveled to Thailand to work with Food for the Hungry to work with tsunami victims and work with the Koran tribe. "I enjoy visiting San Diego and Las Vegas and I try to get back to Alabama about 2-3 times a year."