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Dan DieckhausCharley Silverman

Charley grew up in Denver, CO and ventured out frequently with family to favorite spots in San Diego, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Mexico among many others.  Catching fish off of South Padre Island with his Uncle Monty, and going to spring training in a cherry red convertible with his father and grandfather remain early favorite memories.

A passion for experiential learning and service blossomed when, after graduating from Colorado State University, Charley joined the United States Peace Corps as a volunteer in Morocco.  For the next two years Charley was immersed in the Berber and Arab cultures of North Africa working on youth development projects. Home was a date palm oasis situated on the northern edge of the Sahara Desert named Goulmima.  

For three years home was also rural Japan teaching high school English.  An hour inland from the northernmost coast of the northernmost island, Rubeshibe Hokkaido was as cold as Morocco was hot.  

Further travels included ten extended months in Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Latvia, England, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel.  Climbing Mt. Fuji, riding the Trans-Siberian Railway, and hiking the 1000 km Israel National Trail endure as the greatest highlights.

Presently, Charley maintains Denver as a home base when not leading tours for Story Land & Sea and other operators.  He lives with and assists his father. Maintaining an Airbnb, caregiving and selling real estate are all side passions Charley partakes in as his availability allows.  Hiking, biking and basketball are all on the agenda 2-3 times a week!

Charley has extensive travel experience, and it shows!
Pictured here on a few of his many travels.