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Based in Denver, Colorado in the US of A, our headquarter's team members are friendly, professional and happy to be part of Your Story!

Meet our professional Story Tour Captains here.

Mark Story

Mark Story

Executive Director / CEO

This is Mark: CEO. Avid Traveler. Travel Talks host. ItaloMonster. FrancoMonster. Volleyball aficionado. Diver. Actor. Vocalist. Husband to Courtney and Father to Jack, our founder, CEO and Executive Director Mark Story, began his quest for the perfect travel experience in college with his travels to Australia. It wasn't too long after that he began creating unique and high-end travel experiences to all points on the globe. His company was called QueensLander. QueensLander became Story Land & Sea® with a re-branding in 2015. The family-owned tour company is based in Colorado in the USA and has an office in Bergamo, Italy.

"Story is all about providing distinctive, small group tours throughout Italy and the world. Our branded tours feature our True Small Group® tour experience with no more than 16 travelers on your tour. This is our most popular method of touring and we're proud to be recognized by travel expert Arthur Frommer for our small-group touring approach. Mr. Frommer describes our small group tours as "the perfect way to see Italy."

Tyler Williams

Operations Director

This is Tyler: Adventure. Spontaneous. Island Man at Heart.

Tyler is the brains and the brawn behind Story's amazingly successful Operations division: the part of the company that sews everything together into a beautiful mosaic of upscale travel experience for Story guests. From local guides, transfers, train tickets, technical itineraries for Tour Captains, coordination of land and hotel services...the list goes on —  Tyler is responsible for keeping us with a 99.9% success rate while managing all "world operations" for hotels and land services. He works in tandem with Operations Manager - Europe, Pascal Locatelli.

"I love hanging out with my Story friends and discovering new adventures with them! My favorite part about working for Story is the feeling I get after organizing all of the chaos in planning and executing a trip."

Connor Story Yetto

Sales Specialist

This is Connor: Sales Expert. Adventurous. Heart-full of love. Bayside Fan. California Man. Passion for Story guests.

Connor is responsible for eloquently describing the amazing experiences travelers can have with Story Land & Sea®'s many offerings. He loves his job and continues to be our newest and most passionate travel evangelist.

"I truly enjoy talking to our guests about their adventures — probably because I've had so many amazing adventures myself that I cannot wait for them to experience what Story has created —  it's truly all about the "Story of Travel!"

Jon Reid

Finance / CFO

This is Jon: CFO. Entrepreneur. Fiscal Master. Passion for Story guests.

Jon is all about the customer experience and how internal organization, fiscal balance, profitability (and a clean office, he's a clean freak), all combine to make for a wonderful Story adventure.

"I'm all about the experience for our Story guests - and that all starts months (years really) in advance with good planning and execution all based on a strong financial foundation. That's my role at Story."

Sherry Moore

Program Director

This is Sherry: Program Director. Travel aficionado. Certified Fitness Instructor. Novelist. Passion for Story guests.

Sherry has literally been on land and sea with Story leading many of Story's early themed cruises (think Cruise for the Cure, Bootcamp Fitness cruises, and Acappella Praise & Harmony to name a few). Her heart for travel and for the experience of our Story guests has pulled her to Europe's shores while making visits to hotels and Story partners while continually building the strong relationships that help Story be one of the world's most successful small group tour operators.

"I am not only the Program Director for Story Land & Sea® but I am also a Tour Captain. When I am not directing the program that is Story Land & Sea®, I also get to serve as a Tour Captain and be the proud mother of two amazing children.

Elaine Koschik


This is Elaine: Accounting Bookkeeper. Balancer of money and life. Lover of all things Good. Italy lover. Elaine is all about loving life. Passion for Story guests.

Serving as Story's bookkeeper, Elaine has the responsibility of balancing books, paying travel agents, coordinating Story Tour Captains budgets and so much more! Elaine works with CFO Jon Reid to ensure Story's financial foundation is everything it can be.

Scott Stewart

Marketing & Development Specialist / Story Tour Captain, CITC

This is Scott: Communicator. Appreciator of Travel Destinations. Seinfeld Loyalist. Stewart Clan. Actor. Performer. Master of Ceremonies. Passion for Story guests.

Scott Stewart has been traveling internationally since 1988, when he made his first visit to Scotland. He fell in love with the people and culture of the United Kingdom, and has loved traveling ever since!

Scott has worked for Story Land & Sea® for over seven years now. When not traveling, he performs various duties from communications, marketing, customer service, and sales support. He has also been a fixture at the company’s annual holiday gathering, performing as Master of Ceremonies, where his roasts of fellow colleagues are legendary.

Scott is a firm believer that travel is one of the best things anyone could ever do to change their entire outlook on life. It’s one of the few things within our control that can truly be life-changing, by giving us a new view of the outside world, as well as our own surroundings. In his opinion, wherever we go, there is something we bring back with us that makes our daily lives that much more enriched.

Dan Dieckhaus

Trip Planner / Story Tour Captain, CITM

This is Dan: Trip Planner. Tour Captain Extraordinaire. The 'Go-To' for everything travel. Adventurer. Learner of Life's Lessons. Husband to Terri. Father to a Clan of Dieckhaus'. Passion for Story guests.

Dan's role with Story began as our first Tour Captain a few years ago and has blossomed into the lead of our Trip Planning division. Dan, in addition to leading a handful of specialized small group tours each year, manages our Trip Planning efforts at Story.

Steve Richards

Business Development / Story Tour Captain, CITM

This is Steve: Business Developer. Story Alumni Enthusiast. ItaloMonster. Tour Captain (twice awarded Tour Captain of the Year). Life Lover. Passion for Story guests.

Steve came to Story as a freshman Tour Captain just a few years ago and has quickly excelled within the company! In addition to leading a full slate of tours each year he also manages Story's Alumni program and Rewards program.

"Travel expands you…intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It encourages adventure and broadens one’s personal outlook on life. It engenders a sense of finiteness, permanence, secures history, and provides a “context” within which to live well.

I can’t remember when I wasn’t traveling. My family always traveled, and along we went. They felt that travel was the finest education that anyone could ever have… and, as an adult now, I must agree wholeheartedly! My mom always said ..”keep a bag packed and be ready to go!” By the time I was a strapping 6 months old, my tiny little feet were experiencing the rice paddies of Japan, and these feet have never stopped traveling since…thanks Mom & Dad!

Having traveled extensively throughout our magnificent USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, I have learned one valuable reality .. you can NEVER travel too much or too often! So, “keep a bag packed” and come travel with me anytime and anywhere. Lets share our adventures of life together. Let me learn from you, and you from me… students of life, adventure, and above all else.. FUN!

Italy’s Great Cities Tour is among my favorites, because we visit THE most memorable locales in all of this incredible country. We get to stay in the heart of the cities, and enjoy intimate restaurants with cuisine and wines specific to that area. I will tell you , everyone leaves Italy longing to return. Come join me, whether it's your first trip or your 10th, there is always something new to discover together!

I am so proud to have been awarded “TOUR CAPTAIN OF THE YEAR” for both 2015 & 2016. This award is given based on our guests comments & letters, so it is particularly special for me...THANK YOU!

Is your bag packed? Mine is! SALUTE!"

Kristina Meyer

Business Development

This is Kristina: Business Developer. Avid traveler. Romance novelist aficionado. Student of life. Passion for Story guests.

Kristina is instrumental in keeping the operations of Mark Story's office going while also developing a variety of new business initiatives including Walks By Story, Chef Treks and several other new and upcoming initiatives of Story.

"I love to work and to be busy. Story® has provided me with the best work environment yet and continues to help me grow not only as an employee, but as a person as well. I'm thankful for Mark, the owner of Story Land Sea®, as he has taken me under his wing to teach me the ways of the travel industry. I owe a great thanks and gratitude to this wonderful company. Work and family are my most cherished aspects of my life. I enjoy reading mystery and romantic novels while listening to a thunderstorm, preferably in my happy place - Marietta, Georgia."

Pascal Locatelli

Operations Manager - Europe

This is Pascal: Operations Manager for all of Europe. Outdoor lover. Cuisine artist. Passion for Story guests.

Pascal is Story's Operations Manager based in Bergamo, Italy, and is responsible for all of our operations from hotels to land services throughout the continent. He works in tandem with Operations Director - Tyler Williams, to provide a seamless and world-class experience for Story guests.

"I very much enjoy the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, I like cooking and traveling. But ultimately I love working for Story Land & Sea®. It has been a great experience. I believe in this Company."

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