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Being a Hotel Snob

Hotel Snobbery at its Finest I do consider myself the official hotel snob of our touring operation. It was a phrase that was and is applied to my never-ending desire to find unique hotels that are quality, distinctive and well-positioned. I now carry the title with pride as I continue to seek out[…]

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Amalfi Coast Walking

I cannot rave enough about the many incredible walking and hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast. I had the opportunity to explore some with my colleague from Story Land & Sea® (online at, Dan Dieckhaus, Tour Captain extraordinaire and great trailblazer. For those who have not already discovered the[…]

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Going Global for Unique Experiences

Back in 2013, Stevie Wilson of LA Story fame wrote a bit on my ever-growing desire to travel and share the destinations I have experienced with others. My friend, Brenda McClain, had connected me with Stevie so a special thanks to Brenda! Her article entitled, QueensLander Tours’ Founder is truly A[…]

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